M16 Drawing Prize 2017 - Call for Entries
M16 Drawing Prize 2016
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M16 Drawing Prize 2017 - Call for Entries
M16 Drawing Prize 2017 - Call for Entries

About the M16 Drawing Prize 2017

This prize is for drawing in either traditional drawing media and techniques, or non-traditional works that extend understanding of what drawing may be within contemporary art practice.

M16 Artspace is a not-for-profit art organisation that seeks to provide an inclusive space for the practice and exhibition of art within the Canberra art community and beyond.

The judges for this year’s prize are Elspeth Pitt, A/G Senior Curator, Australian Prints, Drawings & Illustrated Books at NGA and Anthony Oates, Curator of Exhibitions at Drill Hall Gallery ANU.


Beyond Bank Prize $2500

CAPO Prize $1000

Framing Prize $500 (voucher courtesy of The Framing Store, Braddon)

Eckersley’s Prize $300 (voucher courtesy of Eckersley’s, Braddon)

Key Dates

ENTRIES DUE: Thursday 2 November 2017 5pm

FINALISTS ANNOUNCED: Wednesday 15 November 2017 5pm

SELECTED WORK DUE: Thursday 23 November 2017 delivery between 11am-5pm

OFFICIAL OPENING AND PRIZE ANNOUNCEMENT: Thursday 30 November 2017 from 6 – 8pm

EXHIBITION RUNS: Thursday 30 November to Friday 15 December 2017

COLLECTION OF WORK: Tuesday 19 December 2017 between 11am and 5pm

Entry Fee

$35 per artwork (incl. GST). Up to three (3) artworks per artist.

Entry Details

All entries must include the following information:

1. An artist statement that refers directly to the work you are entering in the M16 Drawing Prize, maximum 250 words. We may use this statement to promote the exhibition.

2. One image per artwork. JPG files only, screen resolution, maximum file size 1MB, file name FIRSTNAME_SURNAME_1.jpg

3. Medium

4. Dimensions (H x W x D cm)

5. Price: Please include consideration for 30% gallery commission, and GST if you are registered. To the nearest whole number with no decimal points/cents ($200 instead of $199.95).

6. Year. All works must have been completed in the last 12 months.

7. Installation instructions. If detailed instructions are required please list them on your entry form. See notes below.

Please Note

Entry forms, fee and images must be submitted online before 5pm on Thursday 2 November 2017. Online entry form link below.

Entry forms not accompanied by the entry fee and good quality image of each artwork are ineligible for the competition.

The entry fee is non-refundable.

Exhibition Details


All works must be unframed, unmounted, appropriately fixed, and ready for installation.

Artworks on paper will be pinned to the wall.

Please attach tabs to your work if you do not want your work pinned directly to the wall or consult M16 about alternative hanging methods.

If your work has multiple pieces please email a diagram to exhibitions@m16artspace.com

For complex installation pieces artists may be required to install their work themselves.


Finalists will be hung in the M16 Artspace Drawing Prize 2017 finalists’ exhibition. All artists will be notified by email of the shortlist by Wednesday 15 November 2017. Entry fee is payable for all works regardless of whether the work is selected for exhibition.

Selected artworks must arrive either by post or be delivered in person by Thursday 23 November between 11am - 5pm. Works can be delivered prior to this by appointment with the M16 office. Freight costs and all charges relating to delivery and collection of works of art are the responsibility of the artist.

All works for the exhibition must be clearly identified (artist’s name and contact information written on the back), wrapped, unframed, unmounted, appropriately fixed, and ready for installation (with the appropriate hanging materials and instructions for installation).

All works selected for exhibition will be made available for sale. All works sold will attract a 30% commission to M16 Artspace on the sale price. Please include the commission when pricing your work.

Unsold works may be collected from M16 on Tuesday 19 December 2017, or when the M16 office reopens on 9 January 2018. If work is not collected by 31 January 2018 M16 reserves the right to dispose of the work.

If works are to be returned by post this will incur a $30 administration fee. The artist must supply a self addressed prepaid Australia Post satchel. Works that are sent without this will not be returned.


The judges’ decision is final on all aspects of selection and awarding the prize. No correspondence or appeal will be entered into or considered.

M16 Artspace will take all reasonable care with the works submitted but is not responsible for any loss or damage of work during the period of the Prize and exhibition, or while in transit to or from the exhibition.

It is the responsibility of the artists to arrange insurance for their own artworks in transit to/from and during the exhibition.

Each entrant consents to the reproduction and/or publication of his/her work being photographed and/or used for the purposes of publicity, criticism, review, research, reports and/or reference in connection with activities of M16 Artspace and/or the M16 Drawing Prize.

Prior to submitting the entry form, artists must have received permission from their dealer or gallery to have their work hung in the exhibition, or used for promotional purposes and accept that M16 Artspace will take 30% commission on all sold work.

By submitting an entry to the M16 Artspace Drawing Prize you are agreeing to the above Terms & Conditions.

How to Enter

Complete the online entry form here.

After clicking Submit, you will be taken to our secure payment gateway (Stripe). 

Image: Jacqueline Bradley, Draw a Line, 2015, pencil, steel dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.

M16 Drawing Prize 2016
M16 Drawing Prize 2016

Five artists were singled out for special recognition with the awarding of the 2016 M16 Drawing Prize. This year the prize grew in size due to very generous support from Beyond Bank ($2500) and an anonymous donor, bringing the major prize to a total of $4500.

The total prize pool of $6500 was made possible by the generous support of the Capital Arts Patrons Organisation (CAPO), long time supporters of M16 Artspace, and businesses Eckerselys and The Framing Store Braddon. 

The judges, Susan Best, Convenor of Fine Art and Art Theory at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, and reknowned Canberra artist eX DeMedici, chose 2 artists to share the main prize.

The winners are local artist Jay Kochel for his machine drawing Karesansui 1, and Berenice Carrington for her drawing Hair Watch Chain and Myosotis.

Carrington, who left Canberra some time ago, now lives in Shetland on the island of Yell.  "A descendant of the family associated with the watch chain suggested I draw it. She thought visitors to the museum often overlooked it, not appreciating that it was crafted out of human hair and given as a gift. The museum is independent and run by volunteers; I look forward to telling them that the quiet watch chain has attracted such a prestigious award," wrote Carrington in her acceptance statement.

Kochel characterises his drawing as "an exploration of scale and time through a singular output of pen to paper using a small plotter. This image, based on Japanese karesansui rock gardens, is a rendering of a 3-dimensional scan taken of an inflatable rock constructed while I was on a residency in Japan. The scale is 1:1. The drawing is comprised of 15 panels, made up of 469,281 lines, taking 5 days, 4 hours, 23 minutes and 31 seconds for the pen to travel a 2.29 km path."

Queensland artist Kellie O'Dempsey won the CAPO Prize of $1000 for her wall drawing with video projection Retrieving Mickey.

Local artist Shags (aka Sharon Gallagher) won the Eckersleys Materials award of $500 in material, for Hurts My Teeth.

Ex-Canberran Dean Cross won The Framing Store Award for his work FULL MOON DREAMING (moonrise over North Arm Cove and Lake Burley Griffin).

The work of all the finalists, a total of 46 works selected from almost 180 entries from around Australia and internationally, is on view until Sunday 18th of December at M16 Artspace.

The finalists are:

Amanda Stuart, Amber Hammad, Angela Parragi, Annie Burns, 
Annika Romeyn, Barbara Hodgson, Berenice Carrington, Bernie Slater, 
Brian Smith, Byrd, Cat Mueller, Catherine Tait, Claire Primrose, Damien Veal, 
Dan Power, Dean Cross, Emma Beer, Hannah Quinlivan, Jane Gerrish, 
Jay Kochel, John Clack, Julia Newson, Kellie O'Dempsey, Kim Gan Woo, 
Kirsten Hocking, Lizzie Hall, Louisa Giffard, Luke, Hadland, Madisyn Zabel, Maria Petrova, Mariana Del Castillo, Marie Larraine Weir, Michelle Hallinan, Cedric Mims, Naomi Zouwer, Nicci Haynes, Penelope Boyd, Robyn Shaw, Sadat, Laope, Shags, Stephanie Haygarth, Suzanne Knight, Tahleasin Parker, Tobias Clack, Trevor Dunbar, Todo Kensuke, Victoria Cotton. 

Image: Jay Kochel, Karesansui 1, 2016, (detail) machine drawing, pen on chalkboard paint on 300gsm Snowden, 141 x 282.5 cm (15 panels 47 x 56.5 cm each) Photo: Brenton McGeachie


M16 Drawing Prize 2015- Celebrating M16's 30th Birthday
M16 Drawing Prize 2015- Celebrating M16's 30th Birthday

Opening 7pm Friday 11 December 2015 until 5pm Sunday 20 December 2015

Opening 7pm Friday 11 December in M16’s gallery 01 and 02 is the annual M16 Artspace 2015 Drawing Prize. The highly acclaimed prize, which has been running since 2006, includes an array of works produced on paper or other surfaces using either traditional or non-traditional drawing materials and techniques. All works entered into this year’s prize were produced within the past 12 months. The exhibition seeks to examine, challenge and open up a dialogue concerning definitions and perceptions of ‘what is drawing’.

The judges for this year’s prize are Deborah Hart, Curator of Australian Art at the National Gallery of Australia, and David Hansen, Associate Professor at the Centre for Art History and Theory, ANU.

The winner of $1000 cash, donated by CAPO and a special accommodation, breakfast and dinner package provided by the Hyatt Hotel, Canberra was Andrea McCuaig for Dance Patterns, a time lapse video work. Two other finalists awarded as Highly Commended, were Kerry Johns who received framing to the value of $500, donated by The Framing Store, Braddon for her work History of an Upland Valley, ink and acrylic on paper 102 x 81cm, and Clare Jackson who was awarded a voucher to the value of $500, donated by Eckersleys, Braddon for her work Leiuburoo (Lost and Found) a series of 11 mixed media drawings.

The 36 finalists selected nationally include - Amy Dunn, Andrea McCuaig, Annie Trevillan, Annika Romeyn, Averil Harris, Cedric Mims, Christopher Burton, Clare Jackson, Damien Veal, David Keany, Ella Whateley, Emma Beer, Emma Hodges, Evan Williams, Georgia Black, Grace Blake, Hannah Beasley, Jacob Potter, Jake Blaschka, Jefrey Rudolf, John Carey, Kerry Johns, Lizzie Hall, Louisa Giffard, Margaret Salt, Martin Claydon, Megan Dixon Dawes, Millan Pintos-Lopez, Nicci Haynes, Rachel Milne, Rebecca Setnicar, Sally Blake, Shags, Valeska Tilly, Vijaya Sen and Yelena Bolevich.


Image Andrea McCuaig, Dance Patterns, 2015(still) Time lapse video, chalk, acrylic black board paint

2014 - M16 Drawing Prize
2014 - M16 Drawing Prize

Gallery 1,2,3 

 5 – 19 December 2014     


Marie Hagerty, Artist, Arts Practioner and Consultant

Mark Bayly, Assistant Director Exhibitions and Collections, Canberra Museum and Gallery



1st Prize Cat Mueller - $1000 cash donated by CAPO and a special accommodation package at the Hyatt Hotel Canberra
2nd Prize Nicci Haynes - $500 in framing donated by The Framing Store, Braddon

The M16 Artspace Drawing Prize once again pushes the bounds of ‘what is drawing’. This annual prize has been running since 2006 and continues to grow in quality, volume and boldness. An enthusiastic crowd of artists and art lovers came to the opening on Friday 5 December to find out who won the M16 Artspace Drawing Prize for 2014. Guests were also treated to live music entertainment by the Night Café duo.

Selected from 130 entries, the exhibition of finalists features 78 works from local and interstate artists and includes, digital, pencil, paint, print and sculpture. In particular, Hannah Quinlivan’s wall sculpture, Connective tissue ‘wirey’ connecting lines sparked numerous discussions surrounding the definition of drawing. The judges for 2014, Marie Hagerty and Mark Bayly both agreed from the outset that their first job was to determine what might constitute a drawing, while not being prejudiced about media investigation. In particular they were looking for a sense of immediacy and agency in a winner, while also being conscious of how specific works existed within the context of individual artists' practices.

First prize has been awarded to Cat Mueller’s energetic work Rattled. Bayly said of Mueller’s work, “Rattled is bold and exuberant and I personally really enjoyed the artist's use of markers - at once juvenile but actually a medium which requires an unerring sense of application.  Mueller's work suggests at once the joyfulness of children's sweets and the glitz of Christmas giftwrap and the expectant, anarchic act of unwrapping.  The work also possesses the strange and unsettling quality of sub-molecular particles under microscopic investigation.”

Nicci Haynes was awarded second prize for her sensitive work, Speech Acts. Haynes says about her work, “I have been thinking a lot about the methods we (humans) use to convert the stuff in our heads into ‘communication’. I think about writing, and I think about speaking and I think about gesture. I think about body language. And I think about thinking.”

Congratulations to all the finalists – Roger Beale, Daniel Becker, Sally Blake, Penelope Boyd, Julie Bradley, Di Broomhall, Katharine Campbell, John Carolan, Rory Lee Carter, Susan Chancellor, Tommy Crow, Wayne Churcher, Dorte Conroy, Joan Costanzo, Shan Crosbie, Trevor Dunbar, Amy Dunn, Jane Dunn, Sarah Earle, Michele England, Kirsten Farrell, Elizabeth Faul, Damien Flanagan, John Forrester Clack, Shellaine Godbold, Joanne Handley, Averil Harris, John Hart, Jeremy Hawkes, Nicci Haynes, Barbara Hodgson, Cherylynn Holmes, Yang-En Hume, Lisa Jones, Yasmin Keany, Emma Kelly, Valerie Kirk, Dash Kossman, Erik Krebs-Schade, Michaela Laurie, Jennifer Maclaine-cross, Jill Mail, Jenny Manning, Stephanie McClory, Carmel McCrow, Cat Mueller, Becky Nevin Berger, Sacha Nixon, Belle Palmer, Jemima Parker, Angela Parragi, Ros Paton, Stephan Patrech, Emilie Patteson, Manuel Pfieffer, Pic Poc, Hannah Quinlivan, Neil Renfree, Ian Robertson, Annika Romeyn, Arjen Romeyn, Brenda Runnegar, Bradley Santos, Madeleine Searl, Shags, Glenda Shelley, Kerry Shepherdson, Kate Smith, Julie Spencer, Valeska Tilly, Rose Townsend, Keelt Van Order, Damien Veal, Ben Walton, Eve Austin White, Corrie Wright and Naomi Zouwer.

Image details: Nicci Haynes, Speech Acts, Ink, screen print on book pages. 



2013 - M16 Drawing Prize
2013 - M16 Drawing Prize

Gallery 1,2,3 

 6 – 20 December 2013 


Merryn Gates, Curator, Consultant and Arts Writer

Jim Kaucz, Artist, Canberra Times Centenary Drawing


1st Prize Julie Bradley- $1000 cash donated by CAPO and a special accommodation package at the Hyatt Hotel Canberra
2nd Prize Tilden Eldidge - $500 in framing donated by The Framing Store, Braddon

The M16 Artspace Drawing Prize once again pushes the bounds of ‘what is drawing’. This annual prize has been running since 2006 and continues to grow in quality, volume and boldness. Selected from 120 entries, the exhibition of finalists features 60 works from local and interstate artists and includes performance, digital, pencil, glass and sculpture. In particular, Tracey Sarsfield’s Rapt/Wrapped floor sculpture of connecting lines has sparked numerous discussions surrounding the definition of drawing. The judges, Merryn Gates and Jim Kaucz, both said they were looking for quality of line and that the winning drawings all invited the viewer to look closer and remained interesting each time they looked at them.

An enthusiastic crowd of artists and art lovers came to the opening on Friday 6 December to find out who won the M16 Artspace Drawing Prize for 2013. Guests were also treated to a live dance, music and drawing improvisation by SCHWA.

First prize went to Julie Bradley for her mixed media work Serious Moonlight. Bradley skilfully employs many techniques – stencilled outlines of animals made using washes and gouache, collaged cut outs of handmade papers and detailed observational line drawings of plant forms.

Tilden Eldridge was awarded second prize for his sensitive drawing of a gum tree. This impressive work is 200cm tall and using simply charcoal on canvas, Eldridge explores the many different textures and surfaces of the bark of a tree we are all so familiar with.

Jemima Parker close investigation of concrete won her third prize. The work titled Concrete Study: Mount Stromolo Observatory is made up of thousands of patiently placed dots, resulting in a drawing that is simultaneously highly observed and also abstract.

The exhibition is open to the public 12 – 5, Wednesday – Sunday and by appointment until 20 December. M16 Artspace will reopen on 22 January.

Congratulations to all the finalists – S.A. Adair, Janet Angus, Hannah Bath, Sally Blake, Julie Bradley, Dianna Budd, Katharine Campbell, Oscar Capezio, Chris Carmody, Wayne Churcher, Nick Cirulis, Dörte Conroy, Cindy Curby, Carmela D'ambrosio, Alice Desmond, Sally Dunbar, Trevor Dunbar, Amy Dunn, Jane Dunn, Til Eldridge, Linzie Ellis, Elizabeth Faul, John Forrester Clack, Juanita Gabriel, Annika Harding, Nicci Haynes, Caroline Huf, Yang-en Hume, Susanne Ilschner, Yasmin Keany, Emma Kelly, Valerie Kirk, Emma LeStrange, Jeremy Lepisto, Fiona Little, Jenny Manning, Yasmin Masri, Leoni Mayes, Stephanie McClory, Jayne McSwiney, Al Munro, Katy Mutton, Jemima Parker, Steven Patrech, Emilie Patteson, Hannah Quinlivan, Ian Robertson, Annika Romeyn, Brenda Runnegar, Tracey Sarsfield, Adriana Seserko, Kerry Shepherdson, Aria Stone, Ria Tierney, Barbara van der Linden, Damien Veal, Iona Walsh, Mirra Whale, Evan Williams, Barak Zelig.

Image details: Winner of 2013 Drawing Prize Julie Bradley, Serious Moonlight, 2013,(detail) mixed media.