M16’s Sunset Soiree, dinner with special guest, NGA Director Nick Mitzevich
M16’s Sunset Soiree, dinner with special guest, NGA Director Nick Mitzevich
M16’s Sunset Soiree, dinner with special guest, NGA Director Nick Mitzevich

Summer is on its way and so is M16’s Sunset Soiree, our annual fundraising dinner with special guest, NGA Director Nick Mitzevich.

When: 7pm Tuesday 13 November 2018.

Location: Burbury Terrace, 7th floor, Burbury Hotel

1 Burbury Close Barton, Canberra ACT 2600

Join us for the tantalising taste of early summer on Tuesday evening 13th November. Barton’s Burbury Terrace will be the stylish venue for our very arty rooftop garden party!

Any excuse to welcome our dynamic, if not downright charismatic guest speaker, Nick Mitzevich! As newly appointed Director of the NGA, he is already in great demand so we’re very excited he’ll be with us. Nick’s twin loves, art and gardening will set the tone for the night as he riffs off his favorite topics. Who knows where this will take us, the possibilities are infinite.

Before Nick’s sensational summer dissertation enjoy a welcome drink as you take in the lights of Canberra. A two-course feast reflecting summer’s bountiful cornucopia will follow. As this is a fundraiser, the night will include a pay bar with a range of beer and wine.

This year’s art quiz will challenge you with a theme on artists and gardens. There will be ample time to consider your competitive auction bids for the unique works offered by our award-winning artists. The silent auction will be complemented by a noisier raffle featuring some excellent prizes including art classes.

And for the all important question, what to wear? Easy, bring or wear your artiest flowers. We may even put it to Nick, whose taste and decision making are clearly indisputable, to select a winner or two for flair and flamboyance.

Just a reminder that this year’s garden party is a premium event, an intimate affair with limited spaces. So book early and you won’t be disappointed.

Join us for uplift to the 7th floor at 7pm on Tuesday 13th November at Burbury Terrace Barton.

M16’s board, staff and I look forward to your company as we farewell spring and swing stylishly into summer. Celebrate with us at our Sunset Soiree fundraising dinner.

On behalf of M16’s Public Fund.

Vasiliki Nihas

Chair, M16Artspace

Tickets are $150 per guest of which $75 is a tax deduction. We will mail your receipt to your nominated email address.

To purchase tickets click here

For more information please contact:

Jas Hugonnet, Executive Director, M16 Artspace,

(02) 6295 9438