Become the Patron of Studio 22 for 2019
Become the Patron of Studio 22 for 2019
Become the Patron of Studio 22 for 2019

M16 is currently on the lookout for a benefactor to support two six month residencies in our Studio 22 for 2019. This studio has long been dedicated as a space to help establish emerging artists, curators and arts writers.

By becoming a patron of M16’s Studio 22, you will provide two emerging artists with the opportunity to develop their artistic practices in a supportive and professional environment.

The residencies are awarded to two graduates from the ANU, as part of the ANU Emerging Artists Support Scheme. In 2018, Romany Fairall and Dean Cross.

In 2016, the estate of the late Pete Smith generously donated $2600 to fund M16’s Emerging Artist Residency Program. The recipients were Clare Solomon, a mixed media artist; and Mei Wilkinson, who specializes in painting and mixed media.

The value of the 2019 Residency Program is $2600 per annum. If you are the Patron of Studio 22 for 2019, please contact Jas Hugonnet on (02) 6295 9438 and/or email:

Here’s what Romany Fairall had to say about her residency with us in 2018………Being awarded a residency at Studio 22 was exactly what I needed as a freshly graduated emerging artist.

Having a work space kept me grounded whilst navigating the post-art school world, and allowed me to continue the creative momentum I gained during my Honours year.

24 hour access to the studio meant I could paint around my casual jobs, or whenever I was itching to make something. A studio made preparing for exhibitions much smoother, and introduced me to new artists and creative opportunities.

Studio 22 truly helped me find my footing in the art world, and I am infinitely grateful for the support and extended opportunities it has afforded me.

image: Studio view of studio 22- artist- Mei Wilkinson- July 2017.